July, 21 – 22
Università degli studi di Catania РExMonastero dei Benedettini

A meeting focused on revisiting and inviting the world to Italy, ready for action with ideas and projects to feed the planet.
A global event that will highlight the the role and the essence of Italy; a confluence between knowledge and cultures.
Lectures , conferences , inspiring and visionary key note speeches held by renowned international opinion leaders , policy makers , inventors , artists and social entrepreneurs who share a closely related human experience vision of the future of food and agriculture.

There will be an area of discussion, AGROCOOLTURE, in which the scientific and political world as well as the communities, accelerators and incubators will meet and share success stories and best practices.

4.00 pm | Panel 1 Research > agriculture, digital, biotechnologies
4.00 pm | Panel 4 Opportunities: back to land

practices and policies for the qualification of agricultural lands. Tools, incentives, fundings to support the return to the land.

5.00 pm | Panel 2 Action > policies for new Ag-Tech enterprises
5.00 pm | Panel 5 Breeding changemakers

The strategic role of those who support the innovators has to be measured in terms of impact generated.Does an ROI in the food-industry incubation sector exist? What should it rely on?

6.00 pm | Panel 3 Sustainability > organic food, food waste and right to food
6.00 pm | Panel 6 Right to (good) food. (in Inglese)

The agricultural diplomacy in the Mediterranean area. Food as the driver of policies and politics.

4.00 pm - 9.00 pm | Laboratorio Smart Farming

Five hours dedicated to open source technologies for agriculture. Curated by Rural Hub and Officine Arduino.

19.30 – 21.30 | Co-design Workshop
10 thematic tables in which more than 300 experts will be involved with the aim to analyze more in detail some of the challenges of Agrogeneration, among which the development of equity and sustainability in a hyperconnected and biodeverse world.