July, 18 – 19 – 20
hackathon: feeding fair agrogeneration hack food
Panlab – Unime

July, 21 – 22
University of Catania – Ex Monastero dei Benedettini

July, 21 – 22
future farm showcase
University of Catania – Ex Monastero dei Benedettini

July 21
Med Talk
University of Catania – Ex Monastero dei Benedettini

Feeding the planet

Investing in agriculture does not mean looking back at the past, rather interpreting the future with new tools. Italy must take the lead in being the beacon of European agri-food renewal, safeguarding all the valued knowledge created and disseminated thanks to Expo 2015. The increase in the number of farms, and the growing interest for preserving our agricultural heritage are evolving into a unique opportunity to create value in the Italian territory.

The extraordinary biodiversity of Italy is a legacy that has been nurtured and gathered through years of accummulated know-how of agricultural tradition as well as new technologies that expand the possibilities for development each day that represent a great value for industries and knowledge.

And who better than to take advantage of this opportunity than the digital-savvy youth and new agri-food entrepreneurs who are able to explore the wealth of ancient knowledge and take positive advantage of the opportunities that technology can offer for an evolving agriculture of the future.

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