July, 21 – 22
future farm showcase
Università degli studi di Catania – ExMonastero dei Benedettini

Agriculture is a field that is moving incredibly fast. The application of new technologies on this field has been crucial to develop millions of AG-Tech ideas capable to revolutionize our lives and, above all, our relationship with the land. The Future Farm Showcase has the aim of raising awareness towards these projects and ideas.
During the showcase that will take place during AGROGENERATION, some of the
more interesting AG-Tech startups will be selected and will have the opportunity to presente themselves to the Summer School participants, creating a unique moment of cross pollination and sharing of knowledge.


AgTech Startups which have already developed a prototype Looking for : funding, business development.



An area completely dedicated to Food Makers and Fab Labs.
Creative laboratories for inventors and makers who are carrying on the “Third Industrial Revolution”.